Pencil To My Hands

‘Pencil to my Hands’ is a photographic series following Samvel Galystan. Samvel is a local watercolour painter from Gyumri,  the second largest city in Armenia that was and still is greatly affected by a 1988 earthquake. Samvel lives in a domik, with is art studio.

He has lived through Gyumri before, through and after the earthquake. After the earthquake he found it so difficult to paint portraits, so turned to the landscape. He has such a strong pride and love for Gyumri that it is often the subjects of his paintings- the domiks too.

He spends most of his time teaching local children from the domiks painting, he does this to hopefully provide them with skills so that they can create and leave poverty. In order to make money he will occasionally sell a painting for a high price, but as each painting is regarding the city he loves so dearly, each painting is an emotional investment for him. Therefore, he only sells his painting when he needs to.